1/2 off Beer and Cocktails

1/2 off Beer and Cocktails! yep, 50% off – thats half the price – 1/2 off – super inexpensive – you get the jist 🙂 what a GREAT way to start your week


$1 off Shots, Beer, Cocktails
$2.50 Tully Shots ($3 w/pickle back)

$1 off Beer, Shots, Cocktails all day long – yummy!!!! Tuesdays are a great day to drink between mondays and wednesdays 😉


$5 min; Pitchers of Miller Lite & Coors Lite
$1 off Shots

$1 off all pitchers $1 off small Shots (a little liquid courage before you sing some KARAOKE) yep – it’s KARAOKE NIGHT – Yahooooo


Tall Cocktails / Short Cocktails, Same Price!

It’s thursday, you’re thirsty, we got you covered….. TALL cocktails for the price of small ones all day long LETS DO THIS!!!!


$3 Domestic Bottles

$3 Domestic Bottles & $1 OFF Smirnoff Cocktails – what a great way to kick off your weekend. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Random Specials

Rotating specials – come check them out dance your hineys off with DJ SHAWNA 10pm 🙂 and when it’s warm enough out – the PATIO BAR will be open – YAAAY


$5 Tall Cocktails
$1 off Tap Beer

SUNDAY FUNDAY all day: $1 off all Taps $5 tall cocktails (including our delicious bloodies) During PACKER GAMES = Beer bust, food, win prizes, have fun with the best crowd around!!!!!!